Planner & Document Controller

Planner & Document Controller

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Planner & Document Controller

Profile description: - Doc control 16h/week - Site planner 16h/week This role is a combination of 2 (parttime) roles for which we think 1 candidate is preferable: Due to the limited time for each role (16 hours/week) we think it is preferable to have 1 candidate for both roles for 32h/week and in doing so he/she can work more closely with the project team and be aware of all developments whic

32 uur HBO Hengelo ID 100162

Profile description:

  • –  Doc control 16h/week

  • –  Site planner 16h/week

    This role is a combination of 2 (parttime) roles for which we think 1 candidate is preferable: Due to the limited time for each role (16 hours/week) we think it is preferable to have 1 candidate for both roles for 32h/week and in doing so he/she can work more closely with the project team and be aware of all developments which is necessary for these 2 roles. It is allowed and possible to propose a separate candidate for each role of a candidate for just 1 role.

• Work experience: >5 years in actual build phase of industrial projects as: o Planner

o Document controller
o Or combination of both

  • Knowledge of Excel and planning software as MS Projects and Primavera (planning function) and Document Control & Management software.

  • Proactive attitude: candidate will be a central figure in the project team and should be aware of developments on site and between contractors. In doing so he/she is able to supports the project and can play a key role in identifying & resolving issues even before they have a chance to escalate

  • Curious by nature & People-person: as a central figure in the project (in both roles) it is important the candidate is able to connect, communicate, relate, understand and maintain good relationship with everyone in the project. “acceptance” (‘click’) of the person with the project team is important.

  • A naturally organized and structured person: Capable of sifting through large amounts of data and communication (mostly e-mail), understanding what is important and relevant and translating that to actions for the project team.

  • Stress resistant and should not get overwhelmed by the amount of communication, data and/or persons involved in the project

  • Proven ability to work in an international environment with contractors throughout Europe

  • Fluent in English (spoken and written); main language in project will be English.

  • Minimum: 32 hours/week average for overall project duration (approx. 18-24 months), but workload can fluctuate depending on the phase of the project. Or 16 hours/week per role also with fluctuations.

    Candidate will work at Twence site and will be part of Twence Project team, working from home might be possible at sometimes in the project, but is expected to be very limited. When the actual build phase on site commences we expect the candidate to be on site at Twence in Hengelo (especially in the rol of Site Planner).

    Site Planner specific:

    In the role of Site Planner the candidate will be a liaison between Aker and, Twence project team. Aker is main responsible for the overall project schedule. Aker will perform the main planning and scheduling activities with Twence and (sub)contractors at their Oslo Home Office. The Site Planner will be the local ‘eyes-and-ears’ for the project in regards to monitoring, planning and scheduling work on-site at Twence premises in close cooperation with local involved parties. The Site planner will not perform monitoring/scheduling/planning work for activities taking place outside Twence premises, that is the responsibility of Aker and/or other contractors. Site planner will be however aware of the overall schedule and the impact it has for our “site-planning”.

Document controller specific:

Aker is our main contractor in the project and will have a project management system in place including a document management system and person. All contractors are obligated to deliver technical documentation according to Twence Drawing Standard and using KKS coding system, most of the documentation in the project will go through Aker Document Management System. Aker however does not oversee the full scope of the CCU project. There are certain areas of the project which are outside the scope of Aker (e.g. Civil, Interfacing with WtE plant).

In the role of Document Controller the candidate will be our SPOC for all incoming technical documentation for both the “Aker scope” and the “Twence scope”. The document controller performs the first check for all received documentation (this is a basic check on the use of correct numbering, use of templates, etc.. She/he will then manage the processflow for all documentation within Twence and to contractors. This means that he/she receives, distributes, stores and if needed ensures that the approval process (including its schedule) is adhered to by Twence Project team and contractors.

Since Aker is our main Project manager for the project most of the documentation from (sub)contractors will go through Aker first before Twence receives it (therefore reducing the amount of work for Twence). There will however be technical documentation from contractors which are outside the scope of Aker (e.g. Civil, Interfaces with existing plant etc.) which will not go through Aker and shall by managed by Twence.

We expect the Document controller to perform basic checks on received technical documentations which is mainly related to the Twence Drawing standard (e.g. numbering, use of template, revision numbering). The candidate will also have to ensure that all “As Built” documentation is received by Twence and handed over to Twence Document Management Department.

Place in the project organization:

The combination of these 2 roles gives the candidate a unique position in the project: overseeing both the Engineering (blue team) as the Realization/Build phase (Green team). The candidate will be part of both the “blue” and “green” team of Twence. The blue team are the “asset owners / discipline leads” and define what needs to be built to what specification. The green team ensures that the build on site can takes place in a safe, structured and planned way. The Blue team reports to our Technical Lead. The green team reports to the Construction Manager.

Activities & responsibilities:

Site Planner

  • Perform progress reporting to Project organization according to project control schedule (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Cooperate closely with Aker Project Office and be continuously aware of the whole project schedule and all relevant discussions, challenges and decisions

  • Be continuously updated on the project’s main status and challenges and act in the best interest of the overall project

  • Ensure a close and good working relationship with on-site contractors

  • Maintain a detailed 4-to-6 weeks rolling forecast planning for all on-site work at Twence in

    close cooperation with Construction Manager, Twence Project Office and Aker Project Office

    in Oslo.

  • Be aligned with and coordinated on Project decisions, and take active part in problem

    analyses, report and recommend to Construction manager, Twence Project Office and/or Aker

    Project Office areas that require special attention and corrective actions

  • Follow up on installation schedules to allow installation activities to proceed according to

    predefined methods, milestones, and quality requirements

  • Ensure all deliveries are issued as per the project schedule and ‘catch-up’ plans are

    developed if required

  • Ensure consistent planning methods and performance across contractors

  • Identify deviations from schedule and instigate analysis / prepare recovery schedule

  • Support Aker in schedule analysis for forecasting of progress

    Document Controller:

    • Maintains outgoing and incoming technical documentation with contractors

    • Is our SPOC for technical documentation towards contractors

    • Upholds and checks received documentation on Twence Drawing Standards (e.g. numbering,

      use of templates, revisioning etc.)

    • Takes care of internal distribution of technical documentation and approval process and

      ensures that parties follow and adhere to agreed timelines for approval and/or rejecting/commenting on documents.

o The check of technical documentation by Twence is the responsibility of discipline owners (see org. chart e.g. E&I, Mechanical, Civil etc.).

o He/she has to manage the workflow in which the discipline leaders are responsible for the review.

o The document controller is not the person who has to do a check on content, besides the beforementioned control on Twence Drawing standards.

o Note that at Twence we do not have a document control software available at the moment to support workflows and/or approval processes. The candidate should be able to construct a working method using readily available tools like MS Excel, Sharepoint or MS Access.

  • Ensures the availability of the right documents and right version for the Twence project team throughout the project.

  • Ensures at the end of the project that all documentation: As Build drawings and specific equipment related documentations, certifications, manuals, test reports, guarantee files, user manuals etc. etc. are all collected and made available to Twence Document Management.

o Twence Document Management will check, review and ensure the storage in our document management system: Corsa.

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